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The Hip-Hop Academy is a voluntary afterschool program that teaches high school students in the New York City area how to express themselves artistically by producing, writing and recording their own original hip-hop music. It is run under the auspices of the Liberty LEADS program and is housed in the Bank Street College of Education in Morningside Heights, Manhattan. The program begins every school year with a new group of students who meet once a week throughout the year to learn how to program beats, write lyrics to the beats, and record everything onto a computer to be mixed down into a final product. The students also perform their songs at an end-of-year celebration. The program was founded in 2004 by Graham Arthur Mackenzie and continues to be run by him (by videophone from Portland, Oregon!) Chaz Kangas joined as a co-teacher in Spring 2009. Paul Barman joined as a co-teacher in Fall 2009. Alison Dabu joined as a teacher's assistant in Fall 2010 and became a co-teacher in Fall 2011. Richard Rusincovitch joined as a co-teacher in Fall 2014. Conscious Walker joined as a co-teacher in Fall 2015.